This folder contains about 90% for my entire transit photo taken in last 11 years. (I lost about 10% of that due to apt fire in 2 years ago mostly taken in So. Cal., Portland OR and Vancouver, BC between 2003-2005) Over a decade I have pic of over 100 transit agencies in North America and Asia and I have taken close to 8000 photos all together. After nine years I decided organize my photos by agencies instead of region, and It took me quite a while to do that. If you think this step is challenging, I am still struggling the next step which I need to figure out a way to re-direct those 6800+ pictures to my web (URL; http://www.chaffeeyiu.com) . If any of you has a fairly easy day to do that please drop me a note. I am looking for roughly 40 hours workload to complete this step with room for future update on each folder. Along with other modifications, you will see the most significant website update after 8 years, hopefully by late July.

(Note in 2/2017: I already made the changes…so better not showing the new stuff plus still recovering my blog on the other hand…)