Quote from the speech at the end of Good night and good luck:

I began by saying that our history will
be what
we make it. If we go on as we are, then history will take its revenge
and retribution will not limp in catching up with us. Just once in
awhile let us exalt the importance of ideas and information. Let us
dream to the extent of saying that on a given Sunday night, a time
normally occupied by Ed Sullivan is given over to a clinical survey on

the state of American education. And a week or two later, a time
normally used by Steve Allen is devoted to a thoroughgoing study of
American policy in the Middle East.

Would the corporate image of their
sponsors be damaged?

Would the shareholders rise up in their
and complain?

Would anything happen, other than a few
people would have received a little illumination on subjects that may
well determine the future of this country — and therefore the future
the corporations?

To those who say people wouldn’t look,
wouldn’t be interested, they’re too complacent, indifferent and
insulated, I can only reply: There is, in one reporter’s opinion,
considerable evidence against that contention. But even if they are
right, what have they got to lose? Because if they are right, and this

instrument is good for nothing but to entertain, amuse and insulate,
then the tube is flickering now and we will soon see that the whole
struggle is lost.

This instrument can teach. It can
and, yes, it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent
humans are determined to use it towards those ends. 

Otherwise, it is merely wires and
lights — in
a box.

Good night and good luck.

End Quote





Mother’s day and here is where I brought my mum this afternoon which she asked for long:

Happy Mother day mum! Time flies and she is heading back to Asia.

Seriously Chaf you have problem on spelling lately!!

and it is a remarkable weekend indeed.


It is going to be a very tough week but I manage myself not to lose my morale.  T2 minus 5