Reporting from SFO …this holiday is sure a remarkable Christmas while that reminds
me the Christmas eve in 2002 that I was in Austin, TX with s*** all on my shoe (I am not kidding, see my web for details) and getting sleepy at Greyhound bus station at 3am on Christmas. I finally decide to stay at the motel right next to the station for my Christmas even though I was not planning to (I planned to stay 3 nights on overnight bus b4 arrived in S.A. Christmas Eve was in my 2nd ) I remember the hotel was actually pretty good and I sure got a good sleep that night. Crazy, huh? All I can say it was one of small piece in my college memories. Guess that will never happen again but surely they will stay in my heart as long as it gets.

Thanks you and Happy Holidays to you all.


How about some jokes for today? (Cantonese knowledge required)

‧加德豉油公司宣佈: 由午夜起 生抽每支加價兩蚊 老抽價格維持不變
‧杜鵑銀行宣佈 本年度同業拆骨係你黎 美元
對德國馬騮持續上升 收市係一澳元對兩個荷
‧路政暑宣 由於大楣顜C座展廳現正進行
挖泥工程 介乎天水圍同埋旺角阿皆老街以北
既所有沉箱 一律照常開放 方便市民欣常杜鵑
‧葛量洪先生 請到櫃面聽電話 麥理浩生
‧男子丙組 60公尺跳高決賽系跳高沙池最後召集


Here is the memo today: I have omitted some names.

“Hi, everyone, congratulations. We have a nice and new office now. Thanks for
helping on moving and unpacking. I think A and B would appreciate
if you would offer to help them moving /organizing things on your spare
time. The office appreciates each of us keep up our billable hours and use
our spare time to unpack. Every body and every hour count!

As we start to enjoy our new space, let’s be professional and thoughtful for
each other and for our visitors in the future. Please keep the hallway of
the office clear at all time and keep our own spaces organized (most of you
already did). We must cherish what we have. Our office admin crew and the
corporate people worked hard and spent a lot of money to make it happen too.
We’ll have a toast to them at our holiday pot luck Thursday. Look forward to
it :-)”

Reality for today:

1. Two admins got a big argument for how many hours need to charge on office.(What a show for today, geez I guess you get to know your boss real personality little by little)
2. Most of regular staff were unhappy for small cubic which lead a large unused hallway.

P.S. Just exactly what I feel…new office, new rules, new politics.

Follow-up on Tuesday…my boss yell on the phone again…although somehow I think she did that in purpose. I guess after all Asian style still plays a card here


I have quite a lot of things to say for tonight so bare with me.

Mission for office moving is stage 1 complete. Everything looks smooth so far but somehow you smell office politics is unavoidable event in a small group. May I say all men are equal but there is always someone more equal?

Looks like winter 2007 is a good time to get married. I know several old schoolmates and friends of mine in So. Cal and Hong Kong having their wedding ceremonies this month. I absolutely feel happy for all of them. In fact, most of couples are great match. I guess it’s little bit hard for me to imagine my grandmum was already in grade school when my great-grandfather was at my age, on the other hand.

Okay now getting something in wide angle. Since technically I have done the school now, I’d like to ask myself: if I need to pick one thing that I learn in college is most helpful in my life, what would that be? Although it is little bit hard to say but here is my answer for now: Be an idiot. Yes. you have believe your eyes what I have just said. At first it also sounds totally crazy to me when I get this from my tutor in sophomore year, but over years, it finally make sense to me. Let say one example in read life is when designing traffic signals and speed limit , you kinda expect not everyone is a smart driver. and trust me, avoid accidents from idiots is one of the biggest challenge in the field.

Alright I know it is a torture for you if you can reach this point. So happy holidays to you, so long!