More to come about this later

Okay here we go…so while I am getting close to be American, some wonders how it get started. The old version (not so proud version) was worse-than-expected academic work since middle school (secondary school). On the other hand, one post on the interest recently recall my memories back in late 20th century that they were debating whether to stay or leave Hong Kong after all the up and lows within last few months. Some said go while most of them insist to stay due to mostly, in my opinion, emotional attachment due to birthplace (Motherland??). That was exactly my feelings back in 1998, I start attended some of the classical concerts in late 98/ early 99 at cultural centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. When concert is over, I need walk along the seaside walk passage to MTR station or ferry pier to home. One late Saturday evening when I walk along and get to view of Victoria Harbour, I had some odd feeling to myself that I might not able to see that everyday anymore. I guess when you look it back, you see the City ahead is more and more stressful and less opportunity to explore yourself. The way City is heading makes me feel very very sad. Per my wife conversation, Canton maybe over her in the road ahead due to both work and leisure reason which is unimaginable if you asked me 10 years back.