Alternate ending of Dear John (2010 film) which I agree with most feedback online that this is closer to the original novel ending. 

從前有個人 駁媽媽咀 後來他死了


Just wanna share few thoughts about my Ohio getaway last week. With Cleveland RTA
Rapid and Dayton RTA trolleybus (pic at the yard for Dayton only -_-) I have been to every Rapid
Transit and Trolleybus systems in continental 48 states. I was surprised Cleveland
Rapid is running on overhead wires (which I believe this is the only rapid
transit system in NA to do so) while the station and railcars IMO remodel is
urgently needed, the system is heavily rely on sales tax. With this economy,
guess it is kind of hard to do so in near future.


In terms of buses there are not that much I can talk about. Midwest usually marks as Gilligland. Except Cleveland, every city that
I visited has Gillig Low Floors. Traffic on freeways is perfect which makes me never
falling behind schedule. With this visit, the transit systems in NA that miss
out are Minneapolis, St.
, Victoria, BC,
Montreal and Ottawa where hopefully I can fulfill the gap
in a year or so.