Tried to ride Angle flight today test run but barely missed out.

Special thanks to Dave for the photo.

Notice the lady with Hawaii shirt in the middle of the photo. She is a person who talked about LBT  in today’s meeting. She told me the ex LBT VP, Jim Ditch, has just passed away. He was a nice guy that back in my college days he gave me a lot of gift and showed us around the yard everytime when LBT got new buses . I am going to miss him very much.


Went to Long Beach tonight. A little bit disappointment I must say.


北風與太陽 (錄自維基)

有一次,北風和太陽正在爭論誰比較有本事。他們正好看到有個人走過,那個人穿著一件斗篷。他們就說了,誰可以讓那個人脫掉那件斗篷,就算誰比較有本事。於 是,北風就拚命地吹。怎知,他吹得越厲害,那個人就越是用斗篷包緊自己。最後,北風沒辦法,只好放棄。接著,太陽出來曬了一下,那個人就立刻把斗篷脫掉 了。於是,北風只好認輸。