I got a alright weekend. City of Long Beach just restripe 2nd St as a new “bike blvd”, as shown pic below.


Mum’s home for few days now, and this week I spent two days in Caltrans D12 office, as mentioned yesterday’s diary, quite intense indeed. <br><br>Alright wanna bring music for tonight here. I am sure my mum sure will laugh on this:

G.F. Handel. Water Music. Alla Hornpipe


My mum went to Laker’s parade today. Myself? Field work in Irvine.
Busy week indeed.

..我從十二歲起,便在鎮口的鹹亨酒店裡當夥計,掌櫃說,樣子太傻,怕侍候不了長衫主顧,就在外面做點事罷。外面的短衣主顧,雖然容易說話,但嘮嘮叨叨 纏夾不清的也很不少。他們往往要親眼看著黃酒從罈子裡舀出,看過壺子底裡有水沒有,又親看將壺子放在熱水裡,然後放心:在這嚴重兼督下,羼水也很為難。所 以過了幾天,掌櫃又說我幹不了這事。幸虧薦頭的情面大,辭退不得,便改為專管溫酒的一種無聊職務了。


-孔乙己 魯迅 1919年



Some leftovers from TRB and LB bike meetings from last few days. Thought for today:Adobe sucks, thank you.


I got a usual weekend except I twist my ankle a little when I tried to do some weekend biking, ouch. Next week should be a little busy one coz I already knew I have one night meeting and one lunch meeting need to attend. Mum is leaving town this weekend and boy she did buy a lot of stuff this time. :)<