went to field for trip gen. count Wednesday

Have a very short trip to S.F. Friend of mine having his graduation on Saturday. Other then that I met quite a lot of people in roughly day and a half visit.


Have a dental check today. Something good, something not so good.

My wisdom teeth seems having problem and likely need to be removed…I am a dumb guy after all I guess 😛

(Note at 2/2017: Nope)


I went to Long Beach on Sunday to checkout new LBT Newflyer GE40LFA. Very impressive indeed, but I guess when you see like ten times in one afternoon you start to get bored…

Mum will be here in few weeks, which means no local bus ride for coming weekends for now.

“Two steps forward, one step back”


今晚拜訪了Dennis Tang 的中華巴士記念館網頁: (http://www.chinamotorbus.com/index.php) 又勾起了不少中學年代的巴士回憶。雖說我成為巴士迷和當年在九巴工作的外公有直接關係(當時他不時帶些九巴的海報和資料給我) 但開始對巴士有更進一步的了解的時候就是自己坐巴士上學的年代。我十多年來使用的網名正是在下在中一及中二時幾乎每天上學時的「指定坐駕」。而當時來往家和學校的路線主要是由中巴提供服務,所以對中巴的感覺比起其他三巴來得深刻。不得不承認,現在我對中巴的印象就和九七前的香港一樣,已經越來越模糊了。不過那些年我下課後不時去「捕巴」和「牛河 」的日子,我想會長留在心中的。