One of my favorite Subway PA:

I have ridden NYC Subway back in 2002 and last year. Sure it is one of the oldest subway system. On the other hand, it is the only subway system in the world that you can change btw local and express trains at all times for the same direction, especially in Manhattan.


咁多年黎,Mr bean 始終比到我無盡的歡樂。



A very quiet weekend compare with most that I had in last two months. Consider this: this is the only weekend after June that I don’t need to get up early plus no transit related stuff involved. (I know, I know, in terms my standard, that is crazy.) Anywho, Saturday after midday work in Yobra Linda, I took a nap at home than heading to Los Feliz Observatory with my college buddy



一端的Grand Ave Hall 難買票 多了。以多年來我亦只是去了一次音樂會。
(而那次亦幾乎因為一些事情而耽誤。) 不管如何,今天在下看了


A very, very remarkable weekend. I will come up photo for that later on but let’s say my hobbies has been fulfilled in total different ways with some local people.

Some highlights from last Friday so far:

1. First time ever had a flat tire on vehicle in motion.
2. First time had for sth wanna do for long at daytime and “outside”!
3. First Anaheim Convention Ctr. experience. Not bad