I went to the field to UC Santa Barbara yesterday. My boss and I had no idea about the Chino Hills earthquake until the traffic engineer from County of Santa Barbara told us at the beginning of lunch.
I heard the office got a moderate shake but my home was fine, not even a single thing fell off. Glad to heard everyone in LA AFAIK is doing OK & A site note: not until today I found out myself got sunburn after I rode my bike in UCSB for whole afternoon, oops


這個周末仍舊在LA-OC兩邊走。第二期B 「搬遷」工程亦繼續進行中。


I know it is going to be a very busy weekend even it has not yet started.

Alright I know I need to work thru the weekend for projects, but b4 that I am enjoying my Friday afternoon in Port of Long Beach


Today regardless I got loss in UCI (which I believe this is the 1st
time ever I drove there-seriously, I took buses to there for last two
visit in 6 yrs ago). I have a day with very high morale.

Let’s get started. I kept using my cell phone to take pic today:

I started with bike riding in Newport Beach. I rode roughly hour and a half and get back home for lunch.

After the lunch, as I mentioned above, I went to traffic Engr lab in UC Irvine. I got another 2.5 hour personal presentation.

And after all that I still went  to D&B for video games!


As I said b4…I rode bunch of transit which I used to ride a lot yesterday. It was fun. Sunday schedule doesn’t mean nothing to ride. Buses and trains can be very CROWDED, too