As mentioned, I went to see The Simpsons Movie today. Comments? Nothing suprised me and nothing disappointed with. Typical simpson style, worth to spend 8 bucks for few laughs for 80 minutes.

Well , not that many charactors appear than I thought, and not many catchphase from Homer, that sth I feel sad about


Strike is over, I saw most OCTA buses coinbox today covered either black plastic bag or safety vests.

No sign telling ppl “We are back” so save some photos for me.

So for this B-day weekend I am going to do pretty much same thing as last 3-4 yrs: Transit relatied Stort Strips


I have just back from movie “Sicko” by Michael Moore. Before I go to bed I have some comments want to make about this film:

First I don’t think this movie will be allowed in many countries when it is not only criticized policy in own country, but going to the antagonistic place to make their point of view. But hey that’s United States, people in school always say when writing analyzing essay : as long as you make a good point with reason, it is allowed, as least tolerated.

Back to the movie. Again I don’t trust everything what Michael said, esp what happened in Cuba. However, look at people saying they don’t have medical care because either they are not insured or reject by insurance company, that’s something going too far. Bottom line, I do not think human health is something can be count by amount of money or profit somehow. Government based health care is necessary at certain level. Sure like HK we are not happy for insanely long wait time at ER over years, but at least I know when I get into government hospital all I need to care is hope to get well and get out. In here you need to worry if some of your treatment is not cover by insurance what you need to do next? Pay by yrself? Get a lawyer and try to get some settlement? mmm…I am not in good shape now, should I worry this later on?


OCTA is now on strike but I got nth to update yet. Compare with MTA, I expect less impact.
Yep, this is Southern CA, no matter how I love transit, I can’t beat to drive cars for my major transportation.

— I will put the update in here instead for coming few days —

I took this picture today at SATT (Monday 7/16) About two hours before the strike finally over. Just right get in time hehe