A good day to get some bus ride – after shakeup and b4 fare hike . I used to ride every MR until 741 and I believe I am not going to ride 704 and 760 anytime soon.

Two side notes:

1. Thanks to all of you who make comments and help running my web. Your feedback is the energy to keep the site running for last 7 years, regardless the tough time in between, espically for last few months when I lost quite a lot of stuff due to my old apartment fire.

2. Seems I got to many 60-BRT lately. Time to get sth else. How about Vanhool AG300 and 308?

One of the greatest hit in 80s: (Warning: Not suitable to Pre-teens! 😛 )


that was the 3 out of 4 Metro Local NABI 60-BRT I saw in 5 min on 720.

Right at the beginning I know MTA would use whatever they have on their routes.

So here is my favorite quote from friend of mine said at the Orange line opening

When will MTA use a Metro Local Neoplan on Line 901?

I’d love to see a high floor bus running top speed on busway!! At least in terms of seating a AN440Ais  not that less than a 60-BRT!


“><br>Sure this week is stressful. One thing makes me little bit happy is my T-shirt I wear today. <br><br>Take a guess what is on the T-shirt. Hint: I bought it in Washington DC


“This is the Coney Island-Stillwell Ave. bound N train. The next and final stop is Coney Island.”
Male voice:”Stand clear of the closing doors please”

What a week in NY. Well sure I left a lot of stuff behind in LA, but what the hey, a diehard transit fan sure got his happy time in New York City Subway.