Thanksgiving long weekend. I started my vacation on Wednesday and have a very nice and expensive haircut as well as my highschool visit. I was unexpected to give a 60 min “presentation” to high school seniors about choosing major. Guess I scared them a lot when I told them there are four calculus classes need to be take for B.S. Engineering degree.

Wed and Friday also I rode with several old bus buddies who are working as bus operators, we used to hang out a lot but now everyone need to be work, but buses still the one can connect us together regardless our diverse cultural background, hope that can work years ahead.

Along with that I hangout with several old and new buddies back and forth for last three days. Althoguh that is usual practice for thanksgiving weekend, this year is the first time I did ever in L.A. to got up at 4.30am on “black Friday” to do some early bird shopping. I only bought a 1GB SD card at office max, but I can tell people why are so crazy to buy things on this morning: many things are so cheap that you really want to buy all them home. However, isn’t this make us eventually pay more while the main purpose to shop on that day is to save? Mmm…I can see psychology plays a rule here.

Around this time in two years ago I had the first time ever paid “business” trip. Despite of that trip did not bring me a lot of memories except I got some unexpected bus yard tour in Bay Area, I made a quite a big turn and finally quite a big surprise in about 6 months later. So this year, I conclude this diary to thank for that 2 day and 1 night trip in November 2004