One of the longest stay in school after I moved out from dorm w/o classes. Keep walking around school for paperwork/ presentation. I am now little bit concern about ASCE in our school – can’t believe ITE now get more ppl then ASCE! It always not a case, always in my last six years in Long Beach.
I must say I am not a good leader/organizer for the club, but bottom line is I always get some people to work for something, at lease get some pizza for the 426 ppl in last three semasters and I am pretty optimistic to see ITE can go on little further.

And a sitenote, pretty much I am going to move to Paradise Garden…the place is way better then I thought as I saw today, although the price is little bit at the high side, but well, at least that is the place truely belong to me, I am looking for staying longer in there then here.